Essential Piercing Supplies

When it comes to choosing piercing supplies, there are many different things to consider. From the right sterile equipment to the correct sterilization supplies, a piercing studio should be a sanitary place to be. It should also include spill kits and a manual for clients that explains how to perform various piercings. It should contain numbered instructions and photographs. Lastly, it should be easy to understand and follow.

Dermal punches

Although dermal punches are considered a medical device piercing in San Diego when used for medicine, they aren’t considered a medical device when used for piercing. As such, they must comply with piercing regulations. While some regulations deal with dermal punches in a positive or negative light, others don’t specifically address the piercing supplies. In any case, the FDA’s rules for medical devices are separate from those for piercing supplies.

Septum forceps

Septum forceps are essential piercing supplies. These forceps hold the jewelry securely during the piercing process. They are generally made of stainless steel and are 6 inches long. Septum forceps are useful because they enable needles up to 10 gauge to pass through easily. The forceps are long enough to prevent pinching the nose bridge. They are also easy to use, with a comfortable grip on either side.

Surgical steel needles

Surgical steel needles are a necessary part of body piercing. Made of 316L surgical grade stainless steel, these needles are pre-sterilized with ethylene oxide gas. Each one has a date stamped on the end with the date it was sterilized or expired. This is important information to keep in mind when performing body piercings. Stainless steel needles have a longer lifespan than standard needles, so they last for longer.

Ball closure rings

The ball closure ring is made of surgical steel and features an integrated outward-pushing spring. These piercing supplies are very simple to use, and the ring itself can be opened with your hands or ring opening pliers. These piercing supplies come in a variety of sizes to fit various body parts. For piercing supplies, you will need to purchase the proper size.

Surgical steel barbells

Surgical steel barbells come in various shapes and sizes. Unlike standard bars, they are hypoallergenic. A 14 gauge surgical steel barbell has a thickness of 1.6mm. Its length is 38mm. Its ends are externally threaded. It is used for various piercings, including the ear rim. It is also suitable for industrial piercings, allowing for multiple placements.