Requirements For Real Estate License Renewal

Real Estate License Renewal

If you’re ready to renew your real estate license, it’s time to find out what your state requires for renewal. You’ll want to take the required continuing education hours, complete all the necessary paperwork, and submit the renewal application. Some states require even more, so be sure to check the details and requirements for your particular state. This article will help you get started. If you’re wondering how to renew your license, keep reading!

Courses required for real estate license renewal

In order to renew a real estate license, brokers and salespersons must complete a specific set of courses approved by the Commission. These courses must include 2.5 hours on ethical business practices, 1 hour on current legal issues, and 3 hours of education pertaining to fair housing and discrimination in the sale of real property. Additionally, licensees must complete 2 hours of agency instruction during the two-year period prior to the renewal.

The number of courses required for real estate license renewal varies from state to state. Most states require that real estate license holders earn a certain number of continuing education credits before they can renew their licenses. However, in some cases, the requirements are moreĀ read this article stringent for subsequent renewals. For instance, if a license expires after September 20, 2022, renewals may require only two and a half hours of approved continuing education.


Every two years, licensed real estate agents must complete 22.5 hours of continuing education. New York real estate agents must take a specific set of CE courses. To ensure that they are up to date with their continuing education requirements, the commission requires that all agents complete a certain number of hours of approved CE. To find out which CE courses are required for the current renewal period, click here. In addition to completing the required CE courses, agents must complete personal marketing. To do this, they should create a personal website, promote listings on Zillow, and develop printed marketing materials.

Online applications are completed at the Real Estate Commission’s website. They contain the same information as paper applications, including an updated address. The application process is much quicker thanks to pre-populated fields and numerous saving options. When the renewal process is complete, the renewal of a license will be confirmed after Commission staff review it. The principal broker must update his or her residential or business address. To change a practice location, simply click on the associated listing and follow the onscreen instructions.


Real estate license renewal requires the completion of 45 hours of post-license education. This builds upon the education you received during your pre-license. You will need to take the pre-license course a second time, and you must take and pass the state examination. You can find post-license education courses through various vendors and take them online or in person. Courses generally cost $150 to $250 and you must complete them before you can renew your license.

The Commission has specified specific courses that must be taken in order to renew a real estate license. For example, continuing education courses must include at least two hours of real estate law and rules. For a license to be renewed, you must complete these courses within the previous two-year period. However, if you are renewing your license after January 1, 2020, you will not need to take continuing education courses during your license period.


If you want to keep your license active, you must meet state requirements to renew it. This may include taking continuing education courses. Some states require proof of continuing education, while others don’t. Regardless of what you need to do to renew your license, make sure to complete all requirements and paperwork before the expiration date. The requirements for real estate license renewal vary by state, but the process is usually the same.

If you’re a broker on active status, it’s important to maintain your license’s value. This means that you need to complete at least eight hours of continuing education every two years. This includes the required ethics course, as well as the required three hours in a mandatory topic. In addition, you need to complete the pre-licensure education courses within your license term. For example, you need to complete the pre-license instructor certificate.